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Friday, November 8, 2013

Fat body vs. slim body...which one do u prefer??? let's take a look :)


i am pretty sure that all women want to have a good body image,its including me.. so,here i wanna share with all of you about how to lose weight briefly.

Firstly, we have to really know our body weight and height. From these measurements, we can calculate body mass index (BMI).  BMI is a fairly reliable indicator of body fatness for most people.

BUT, BMI cannot determine the percentage of fat in our body unless we do the BODY COMPOSITION measurement. In the body composition measurement, we can determine percentage of body fat and fat free mass in our body. It is so fun when we know everything about our body, right? and i am pretty sure that you all will be more conscious about your body image when you have high body fat ! Having high body fat is not good dear friends since it can lead to many diseases especially hypertension and diabetes mellitus. So, let's do check up about it!. 

How to reduce weight???

to reduce weight, a lot of things that we have to consider in our daily life especially our calories intake and physical activity. Okey, when talking about calories, i am sure that most of you will wonder, "what is CALORIE, right?" so, CALORIE is basically energy that our body get from food and drinks.

From the food that we ate, we can calculate the calories. The calories that we take from food and drinks are known as energy intake (EI). *you can ask someone who knows about this to calculate your energy intake or you may see DIETITIAN.

The next thing is energy requirement (ER) means that the amount of calories need by our body which can be calculated thru Quick Method. For example, our ER is 1800 kcal/day and our EI is 2000 kcal/day. When we take more calories than amount that we are supposed to take, we can gain weight easily. To lose weight, we have to reduce EI and just follow ER.

Quick method

Obese and overweight
20-25 kcal/kg
30 kcal/kg
35 kcal/kg
35 kcal/kg
40 kcal/kg
40 kcal/kg
45 kcal/kg
     First, determine we are from which group (Obese and overweight, normal or underweight). 
     Let’s say, if our BMI IS 27 Kg/m2. So, it is overweight.
·     Second, look at our physical activity level.
-          Sedentary is just like sitting, watching tv and readings
-          Medium is just like jogging, gardening.
-          Active is basically for those who are athletes. 
*For obese and overweight, the physical activity level are not divide specifically. When we want to lose weight, we can choose any figure between 20-25 kcal/kg.
·   Third is time to calculate.
-          Body weight x level of physical activity
-          Let’s say, body weight is 59 kg times with 20 kcal/kg.
-          Then, we will get our ENERGY REQUIREMENT per day.
-          ER is 1180 kcal/day.



                                                  okey,this is awesome!! =)

The best diet for those who are obese and people who want to lose weight.
- Low carbohydrate intake ( Food with low Glycemic Index)
- High protein intake ( limit intake of the animal organs and their skin)
- Low fat intake (Consume good fat rather than bad fat)

I think this is enough for now.. Sorry if i can't provide enough information to all of you. if u have any enquiry, just asking me.. insyaallah,i will help to answer your questions. one more thing, if there is any wrong information that i give to u, u may give the correct information one! thanks everyone..




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